made some changes lost lots of performance

hey does anybody know what i did wrong?

the other day i broke the throttle cable on my 1978 sear free spirit (made by puch). as a i started to replace the cable i got motivated to do a bunch of other repairs.

while i had my carburator open to replace the throttle cable i tried to clean it out.

then i cut some wires that were too a brake light that didnt work and the horn which i didnt use.

i also put on a new throttle grip and brake lever that came off a garelli.

when i got everything back together my moped wouldnt run at all. i found out i had cut a wire that went to the ignition, so i reconected the wire and my moped started again.

but the problem is now my normally peppy ped is really sluggish. my flat ground top speed used to be about thirty now its only 24-25

could my reconnected wire not be working as well as it should? (or is electric more of an all or nothing thing?)

could my cleaning of the carb mean that my air fuel ratio is off?

is it possible that my new throttle body doesnt pull enough cable to get me to top speed?

also the slide in my carb seems to get stuck in the up (or open) position, does this hurt performance?

any other ideas? im desperate!



Re: made some changes lost lots of performance

Oh man... It's going to be hard to tack this down. It is usually a good idea to fix one thing at a time and test it then move on to the next thing. I'm unable to help you... But maybe someone with more knowledge here can.


Re: made some changes lost lots of performance

sounds like you put something together wrong in the carb.

try taking it apart and putting it back together again.

Re: made some changes lost lots of performance

sounds like your choke isn't opening up all the way. i would take apart the carb again, clean it, and make sure your slide isn't sticking/hangingup anywhere.

Re: made some changes lost lots of performance

Definitly look at the carb. Was the cable the same length? If so you should adjust it to about .040 " slack at idle. If it was shorter then that would keep the throttle slide open and you would not be able to get an idle. You may have put the throttle slide in wrong. If it is in right then you have dirt in it. You need to take the carb completely off and clean it thoughly. It must be racing when you start it right now.

Re: made some changes lost lots of performance

thanks for your help guys, i'll look into it tommarow after work and let you know how it works out.


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