Grande Parts needed

Jerimy Hogan /

Anybody know where I can get Grande parts? Rear rack, headlight, maybe a red rear and front fender

Re: Grande Parts needed

Re: Grande Parts needed

I think I may have a red front fender in my garage if you can't find one.

Re: Grande Parts needed

Jerimy Hogan /

Thanks for the reply on the parts inquiry! I'll give Zippy a call for some stuff today.

If the condition is good/fair i.e. no gas stains, or bends/dents (like mine) give me a quote. I really need a rear fender too. It has a little crack that gets a little bigger with each bump.

Re: Grande Parts needed


i think i have a red front and rear fender in my garage somewhere. its just so cold here i havent been in my

garage in 2 weeks.

mail me in a day or so and ill see if i can find them.

just have the fenders...they are red. if i can find them.

no other parts

Grande Fenders

Jerimy Hogan /

Those who have mentioned they have fenders (red) for my grande, I would like to buy.

E-mail me and we can deal or I can call you. My e-mail is

Re: Grande Fenders

I have got a fender that is clean and usable(red). I can send you a picture of it. Would $25 and shipping be too much? I think that is about what I paid for it from Ebay. My goal was to paint it and put it on one on mine, but decided to just live with the dents!

Also, I think I saw Zippy with a clean luggage rack. Those are hard to come by. Can't help you there.

If you agree to $25 plus shipping from Ca I will find it and take a picture. It will take an odd size box so I will have some packaging costs there that I will take from the $25.

Re: Grande Parts needed

Jerimy Hogan /

Any chance of a red rear fender--that is my first need. The one I have is fortified with duct tape--what a crime!

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