rusted gas tank

how u fix a rusted gas tank......i mean that the inside is rusted.

mike c

Re: rusted gas tank

See Ya Moped Army /

do a search on the subject using the search option. It's been covered a gazillion times.

Re: rusted gas tank

you can try to put a chain or something like Small metal ball's mixed with water and wd40 and shake the living crap out of it,

The shaking of the chain's will loosen the Rust,

but then..the gas tank on a moped is stationary right??

..ah crap.."Slaps Head"

Re: rusted gas tank

"but then..the gas tank on a moped is stationary right??

..ah crap"..”Slaps Head”

not true, there is alot of mopeds that have a removable gastank

Re: rusted gas tank

Use a set of solutions called "kreem" follow instructions, it works very well.

Re: rusted gas tank

If it's a removable tank, then you're saved... If not, ah well.. You'll be better off taking everything off the frame, at least things that are heavy like the wheels and motor.

Put a chain in there, that'll get the bigger stuff out. Then after that, put sand, fill in 1/3 and shake it like nuts make sure you shake it in all directions and make sure you get all the sand out. Then rinse it with gas and shake it while gas is still in there and let it out and repeat this procedure 3 times to be sure. Then spray wd40 all over the insides so that it will either prevent or slow down another bout of rust. Afterwards, fill it with gas and you're good to go. (after putting everything back together)


Re: rusted gas tank

POR 15 is better than kreem any day. They can prove it. Good luck

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