cut some wires... now nothing

hey guys i could use some help.

yesterday i broke the throttle cable on my 1978 sears free spirit. as i repaired the cable i opened a can of worms and started making some other changes i had be waiting to do. i shortened a bunch of my cable (brakes throttle clutch) to fit better with my shorter bars. cleaned the carb and put on a new throttle grip. then i got my self in trouble. i cut some wires that were not attached to anything. i cut the ones that i thought were for the horn (which i dont have) and the ones that hooked into the right hand grip (which i thought were for the brake lights that didnt work). well this morning my ped is not starting! did i doom myself? any idea why it wont run. i thought that if those wires werent connected to anything before it wouldnt make any difference to cut them.

thanks for the input


Re: cut some wires... now nothing

did the wires happen to be connected to each other? if I remember correctly that has a Puch motor, you cannot run a puch with no horn unless you cross wires

Re: cut some wires... now nothing

yes, it's a puch motor. ray's correct. make sure youe horn is connected, or you will get nothing.

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