Ciao - 1973, various issues

It won't idle without the air cleaner. Is that normal? (I temporarily took it off to see what effect that would have on performance.) The speedo doesn't work. Could be cable, meter or drive in the wheel; are there any particlular issues I should know about when attempting to fix it?

It has no battery or tail light unit. Can I use say a .7 Ah Yuasa closed cell from Frys? Does the tail light also have a brake light? Does it have points? If so how do I get to them? What is the gap? The throttle sticks somewhat. I have not cleaned the carb. Any precautions before I clean it.

With the idle adj screw all the way in it idles fast - the further out I unscrew it the slower it idles. What is the correct idle speed adjustment.

Finally, why do I see scooter issues on this site - do we consider say a Yamaha QT50 a moped? If so I have questions about that as well since I have one.


Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

1. it dosent use a battery, the lights only work when bike is ruynning

2. the tali light unit is available from

3. the tial light is a running light and a brake light

4. yes it has points and they are located underthe flywheel on the left side of the engine under the rubber kidney shaped cover...the gap is .4mm-.5mm i think

5. if the throttle stick dismantle the grip and lube under the aluminum sleve that the grip rides on, then lube the cable

6. clean the carb, just pay attention to how you take it apart and be careful w/ the ruber pieces and clean it througly in and out.

7. the best way to get it to idel correctly is to have ti on its stand and running, adjust the idle screw so that the engine runsw/ the lights on and the rear wheel does not spin.

8. replace the belt while your at it, just take it to pepboys or somtrhign and have them cross reference the #s off it

"repair manual":

hope this helps!

PS the Vespa ciao is easliy the simplist most reliable moped to work on, and parts arent that hard to find! good luck

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

Matt -

Very informative post!

Sounds like you've been around the block with this issue a couple of times!

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues the ciao was my first moped and still prob my favorite

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

Bruce Wilkinson /

The airbox must be on. I can only get my Ciao to go 5 mph without it. The points gap is .015 in. My Ciao does not have a battery box on the rear and only needs the magneto to supply all the power for ignition and lights. I'm not sure what a battery does on yours. There is a Vespa manual on the Moped riders. org site. bruce

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

Thanks for all the feedback. But I am still curious what the box on the right side is (it has a plastic cover). See the attachment. The black wire is ground - the gray one may be to the generator or tail light.


Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

i never had a ciao, but i believe that is most certainly for a battery.

matthew from seattle will know for sure.

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

i agree, it looks liek its for a battery, but frankly..ive never seen a standard w/ one.

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

that is indeed a battery box. the ciao with turn signals and those side boxes used a battery. blair of the guns has a ciao with a battery. i think he just went to the motorcycle shop, and they used a refernce book for a number. worth a try where ever you might be.

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

thanks jason.

Re: Ciao - 1973, various issues

Sean Taylor 9/18/1971 - 1/14/2007 /

That is for the battery, It looks alot like my Bravo. Black is negative and red is positive.

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