Puch 2 speed crankshaft repair

I recently bought a siezed 2 speed off of ebay. It was only seized because of a small bit of corrosion on the crankshaft, which was easily solved. Once I got the engine to turn, I noticed it turned very unsmoothly. I opened it up and noticed that the bearings behind the oil pump drive were completely shot. I can't figure out how to pull the oil pump drive off of the crankshaft. I don't have access to the very special puller described in the repair manual. Can anyone help?

Re: Puch 2 speed crankshaft repair

hey man

i have a great looking 2 speed puch moped crankshaft.

the bearings are off it but its very clean. youll need new bearings put on it

i would take your crank in trade

75.00.....i pay shipping

let me know, ill dig it out of the garage

Re: Puch 2 speed crankshaft repair

That's a very nice offer, but I'm short on funds, and this crankshaft is in extremely good shape sans the bearing issue. Does the puch oil drive gear serve any purpose other than to power the oil pump on the 2 speed? If I were to dremel it off, would it still work properly? I plan on premixing anyway.

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