Rust is an ongoing battle for me

Joseph O'Connell /

I know this question has been asked 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000....but

I need to know an absolute way of cleaning the rust out of my gas tank on the 1977 Peugeot 103. Its gotten so bad that I now use a water bottle in place of the tank.

This has been a problem ever since I got the ped.

Does anyone have an absolute method of rust removal for a tank that is welded to the frame?

Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

yea just go a a locla motorcycle shop and buy the "Kreem" tank system. Its specificlally for cleaning and sealing rusty tanks.

have a buddy there to do your bike because you will need to lift and turn the bike to get full coverage

good luck, its a bitch


Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

Rust can be dissolved with strong acids but they also attack the underlying clean metal. Their use depends on how bad the rust is and how much metal can afford to be wasted. The popular, commercial rust removers use milder acids (citric, phosphoric, etc.) and attack rust faster than they do the metal. But they are slow and the job is incomplete.

I prefer sand-blasting.. does a nice clean fast job.. gets into the tiny pits and removes every last bit.

To do a thorough job any tank, including one that's part of the frame, has to have a couple of carefully planned access holes cut into it.. or be opened up at a seam.

Then whatever methods are used... acid treatment, blasting, protective coatings .. can be done more easily and the work can be checked. Afterwards the tank is welded, brazed or soldered back together.

Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

Do Not Use Kreem! I used POR 15 small tank kit and I lost all stress about future rust. If you use the 3 step process you'll be dead before youer tank sees rust, and maybe it'll never see rust. but dont use kreem Ive heard horror stories about it and the had to use por 15 to repair the damage.

Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

From the MA photo section.How about an ammo box mounted on the rear? Jim.

Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

the issue with it welded to the frame is a tough one..i used kreem on my vespa and just had 2 of my buddies help me shake it and turn it about...problme solved

Re: Rust is an ongoing battle for me

Joseph Lisi Iii /

I usually use muriatic acid avalible at home improvement stores. It costs about 3 bucks a gallon, you put it in, make sure youre fuel outlet is SEALED with duct tape (remove petcock) seal your gas cap with duct tape let it set at different angles for about 20 min at a time and funnel it back into the bottle. look in the tank if there's still rust repeat, if it's good enough rinse with regular gas a couple of times, and you should be fine.

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