Sachs clutch question

I'm trying to put together a Sachs with a 505/1D engine. It wasn't put gether or running when I got it so I'm not sure about how the clutch cable is suppose to work

From what I can determine:

I hook the clutch cable inside the clutch mechanism, run it out through the leadhole in the side of the clutchbox, through the decompression valve....then what?

If I connect that cable directly to the brake lever, how will I engage the back brake? Or if I thread it through the cable lead that's on top of that bracket on the pedal arm that the back, I guess that will connect the back brake to the clutch but how do I then engage them(do I need an additional brake cable?).


Re: Sachs clutch question

on my sachs, the rear brake is engaged my pedaling backward...

the left brake handle is used to engage the clutch and the decompression valve...

that's it


Re: Sachs clutch question

Pat Mycrotch /

Oh(smacks self in the forehead), that makes sense.


Re: Sachs clutch question

Ben Van Zoest /

As I recall the starter clutch engage short cable ties in w/ the de-compression lever left not the rear brake lever.

Re: Sachs clutch question

Pat Mycrotch /

Nah, I think G.B. has got it. There's only 4 hand controls so it makes sense that the rear brake is contolled by pedalling backwards.

Seems a little dangerous though: Like, say you're taking a corner fast, learning hard and you jam the pedal in the ground hard enough to engage the rear brake. Blah!

Or is this not likely to happen?

Re: Sachs clutch question

Damn, i didnt think about that...

but it could happen... i think..

the best thing to do it to think about the turn you are gonna make, before to turn...

if you turn left, you pedal frontward in order to place the left pedal UP...

same thing if you turn right... you put the right pedal up...

it is less likely that the pedal will hurt the ground...

anyway, this is how these mopeds are done...

wich i helped


Re: Sachs clutch question

Pat Mycrotch /

Ah, that's probably nothing to worry about. That doesn't feel natural to lean hard on a turn and NOT have your knee as high as you can. I guess the "suicide brake" is a pretty cool design.

Oh, and thanks again for your help!

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