1982 express nx50 sr won't start

Bill Campbell /


I am new to these scooters(never owned any kind of scooter)

A 1982 nx50-sr was given too me with no information.

I bought a new battery, I get a relay click most of the time and an occasional humming (not really a buzzing) from what I believe is the starter, bottom of engine and behind engine, kind of a round cylinder.

This scooter has been sitting up for awhile and I am trying to get it running for my son.

Any suggestions? I want to be sure the engine is not locked up before I invest any more money in it. Is there a way to turn the motor over without the starter? There is no kick start just a lever which I asume is for changing gears, but that is another question later on.


Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

There is no shifting gears...that is the kick starter. Make sure you have a key (leftside) and that it is in the up and down position. Then make sure the red switch on the right handle is set to run.

Try to kick the starter a few times first. If it doesn't work take the plug out reconnect it to the spark plug wire and hold it close to the engine head. Have someone kick it a time or two...if you see spark you've got it.

If you have spark squeeze a teaspoon of gas into the plug hole, screw the plug back in and reconnect it. Try to kick start it as soon as you get things back together (this will save you from kicking at it 100 times to get fuel to the carb). If it starts but doesn't stay running the try one more time. If the same happens it time to clean the carb (and man are they a pain in the butt on these little suckers).

That should get you started. Make sure all the hoses and vacuum tubes are connected right first (they should be numbered pretty well). The fuel cock connected to your gas tank should have a fuel line and a vacuum line coming out of it...make sure those are connected properly.

See where all this gets you.

Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

Bill Campbell /

Thanks for replying

How hard should this kicker be to turn over? I kick it down but it doesn't travel very far It's position is about horizontal to the ground and only moves about 1 1/2 inches. It feels very solid when it stops, like a gearshifter on a regular motorcycle. It does return back to the horizontal position after pushing down.

Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

It doesn't go that far actually. Sounds like it might be siezed up and you'll probably have to rebuild the motor.

When you kick down can you hear the motor rumble? Does the piston move? Try taking your spark plug off and plug the hole with you finger. If you feel air pushing or sucking while it's being kicked over you might be okay. The spring on the kick start might be the only thing shoot.

If the piston is stuck I would go to the local honda (car,atv,motorcycle) dealer and order a new bottom end with piston, clips, rings, and all. Otherwise see if they'll fix it for a resonable price. Or keep an eye out on Ebay...these things will pop up now and then.

If the piston seems to be moving and the motor rumbles shoot alittle gas/oil mix in the plug hole, reasemble, and kick start it a few times even if you have to return the kicker by hand.

Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

Bill Campbell /

Well I disassembled the engine and it is rusted up the piston will not even come out of the cylinder.

Does the new bottom end come with the cylinder also? If so any ideas on the cost? And how available are they?

Also when I am looking for an engine on ebay what other models will work with the SR?

Thanks for your time

Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

The regular express engine should work just fine. I had an sr for a while. Make sure you pull in the brake if you're going to use the electric start. that's what the little brake lock is for.

Your best bet is to soak the cylinder with oil and let it sit and soak, and try and get that cylinder free, have it honed and go to a honda dealer to get a new piston and rings, oversized if neccessary.

Re: 1982 express nx50 sr won't start

Yeah...what he said. I don't think you can use any other engine except the one from a Honda Express NX50 SR. There are two years 81 and 82. Like I said above if you want to see about prices go to a Honda dealer and see what they say...better chance at a ATV/motorcycle Honda dealer.

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