is this stupid? (probably)

Spencer Hoekstra /

i just inhereted a 1978 motobecane from a friend who never saw it run. on a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that i can get this thing running? (i've checked some of the obvious repair points, i.e. spark [none] and carb [cleaned it].) i'm not familiar with this moped's idiosyncracies, but i'm also not a crackerjack mechanic. any help would help.


Re: is this stupid? (probably)

See Ya Moped Army /

Change the spark plug and then remove the flywheel and clean the points with a small file. The flywheel is held on by a reverse threrad nut. Use a socket wrench (without the socket) and turn the nut clockwise to loosen it. Most no spark conditions are caused by bad plugs and corroded points.

Re: is this stupid? (probably)

Yeah, you'll be suprised how little it will take. Keep tinkering.

Re: is this stupid? (probably)

Re: is this stupid? (probably)

Spencer Hoekstra /

schlawesome. thanks guys/gals. i'll let you know if i end up shouting, "it's alive!" and laughing like Dr. Frankenstein.


Re: is this stupid? (probably)

Jake Van Order /

A word to the wise, though.

Motobecanes have their little issues and differences than other mopeds. For example, the fly wheel is not held on like any other moped. In fact, the external nut that holds it on is REVERSE THREADED.

Also, the metric on a motobecane can be a little iffy and might not match up exactly.

Little things like that make it a difficult bike to work on but I'm not going to discourage you.

There are unknown variables in a Motobecane and once it gets going well for some mysterious reason, they really tend to haul. I've seen some stock motobecanes go close to 38mph for no particular reason.

Anyway, good luck.


Re: is this stupid? (probably)

Don Pflueger /

different countries use different pitches of threads to make up metric threads. a lot of bicycles use an english or swedish, or japanese metric thread.

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