Choke stuck!

Danny Bernier /

Well, yeah, like the subject says, my choke is sticking, it wont release when i pull on the throttle. I actually snapped my throttle cable trying to get it started. It just started doing it today, out of nowhere, and after taking apart the entire assembly, including the part that the throttle cable enters the carb, spring loaded, and it still just wont pop off when i throttle it. Any ideas?

Re: Choke stuck!

WD-40 might do the trick. Its a Dellorto SHA 14-12, no? Just might be a little seized up, is all.

Re: Choke stuck!

Don Pflueger /

is the choke lever bent? is the spring on the choke lever broken? that is the only thing that would prevent a delortto choke from opening back up unless your cable was just out of adjustment.

Re: Choke stuck!


Was the moped stored outside in the cold? When it's really cold, some carbs like to sieze. (Very thin layer of gas/water condensation) frozen between the jet and the walls.

You should clean the sliding parts maybe with steel wool then use an air compressor to blow out all the dirt & steel wool pieces. Should work... Good luck

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