god damn*t

anothwer problem on my 2000 targa lx. ive had 2 posts now about my moped and it runs now but i got another problem. none of my lights work or my horn im pretty sure my voltage regulater went but how can i be sure? they worked fine on my way to work but when i got on it tonioght to go home nothign worked. which i was pretty pissed about because its 11pm and the cops around here dont like mopeds too much

Re: god damn*t

Check the wiring, or fuse, if they have them! Or just sell the Tomos, and buy a Puch, or even (Honda) you will not have any problems with it.

Re: god damn*t

Don Pflueger /

check the yellow wire coming from yje magneto for power. if it has power coming out of it, then make sure both yellow wires are plugged into the regulator. ive had mine fall out.

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