moped repair book

Hey I have an idea!

We need to start a series of books to repair specific brands of mopeds.

Anyone willing to help, e-mail me at my gmail account:

I want to try and set up a framework type guide , so that we can have a good format that each brand expert can contribute, and have each in the series have the same feel.

I'd like to head up the coodination on a sachs book to start with.

It's going to be a long process, and I have very limited internet access right now.

Anyone want to volunteer for other brands, help, or computer work-space?

Re: moped repair book

I think Fred's How to guide is pretty good. When it comes down to it, a moped is a moped is a moped. Gas, air, spark. You know? What exactly would you want to catalogue?

Re: moped repair book

Well it is a good, general tool.

I'd like to show specifics to each moped. I think a breakdown for each ped would help a LOT of people. Not everyone has the same experience level.

For example, have you ever personally asked Fred about a Sachs engine?

He dosn't know because he dosn't have one, nor does he want one. He's a Honda PA 50 expert.

I'd like to show quirks and differences so that you aren't looking for the wrong type of timing mark, or so you don't go nuts trying to find out simple information.

Re: moped repair book

i think it would be particularly helpful as well to document the variances between engines and bikes

for instance

sachs makes a 504 and a 505, with a letter after the #'s, it would be good to have an archive of what exactly those numbers meant

or on a puch, the different HP's, as well as a listing of the cylinder types and so forth,

or the difference between a variator and a non variator motobecane, and what models have those functions

just a thought anyways

Re: moped repair book

another thougt

something like this in english might be really helpful, because a lot of the moped related information i read and seek to know is usually found on websites in another language and is extremely hard to translate sometimes

Re: moped repair book

It's a great idea but a very ambitious project..

Few people have the writing skill and many have opposing opinions. Someone will have to wade through it all.

Voluntary or not, if somewhere down the line there's money involved the question of who owns the information will come up on an international copyright level. The publisher (you) better know what he's doing.

The framework might be hundreds of questions.. People who are familiar with that bike can answer questions voluntarily. This sounds an awful lot like what happens in these MA forums.

In fact, the archives here are what you can expect to get when people begin to contribute. As an experiment, gather some info from the archives on one specific topic/brand/model of bike and try to edit it into some readable book format.

But if you have ideas about actually using or selling the info in the archives maybe you should first check with whoever owns MA or with an attorney..

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