Aerox 100cc Max Biaggi problems


I have a yamaha aerox 100cc max biaggi scooter , Im having problems with the lights , ive had it since i got the scooter , Ive checked all the wires behind the front light .

the weird thing is when I have the scooter on the stand and its running the headlights all work. You push it off the stand and they turn off . meaning I cant get my bike MOT'd :(

The battery is fine , my freind told me all aeroxs have problems with there wires cause there dodgey.

Can anyone who has this problem or has any ideas. Id greatly appreciate it .!!

Thanks alot David


Re: Aerox 100cc Max Biaggi problems

John Joedicke /

I'd be looking for a pinch point where the wiring harness is in the chassis. Obviously when the scoot is suspended all the wires are hanging free. You are probably grounding out. This is a MOPED site, but who cares. Hope you get it sorted. j

Aerox 100cc Max Biaggi problems

You might have better luck posting on a site that focuses on scooters. We do mopeds here.

Re: Aerox 100cc Max Biaggi problems

It definitely sounds like when the stand is retracted it is hitting a wire and causing a short to the lights.

Re: Aerox 100cc Max Biaggi problems

Yeh well I can either just leave it into the shop tho i dont have the money , so I think ill need to strip the bike and follow all wires , fiddle , and hopefully I figure it out .

Thanks anyway

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