i figured it out

i made a previous post titled what happened and i could not figure out what was wrong but now ive found some sugar residue in my tank. what is the best way to clean this?

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tanks can be washed out with soap and water .. make sure it's completely dry before adding fresh fuel.

Very commonly, the petcock/drain at the bottom will not drain all the fuel (or water) out because it's little tube sticks up into the tank an inch or so. That prevents heavy crap at the bottom from getting into the fuel line.

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Hi bobby, when you had the problem you said that you ran into a snow bank. Sure it was not road salt you found in there? highly corrosive and probably got in the carb.

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thats what im thinking but how would it get in the tank?

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Spray from the tires riding on the slush, cars passing you and their over spray. Don't forget, running into the snow bank. All that crap from the tires and the road are in it if you were on the side of a road. All this can happen with no gas cap.

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but before it broke i had a gas cap so that doesnt explain how it got in the tank

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How you determined it's sugar?

Do you use the same clean containers, etc, when mixing fuel? Is some plastic container reacting with the fuel and decomposing? Did someone use one of the containers for some other purpose?

There are lots of accidental ways crap can get into a tank.. only one deliberate way.

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its crystalized like sugar and no container could do this cuz i never used one

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Dude, find out who hates you. Then kick his ass.

If I were you, I'd put on a lock on my cap. But then agian, that would be an invitation for them to break something else... But better that than sugar.

Good luck


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i had a locking cap on b4 it broke down after it broke down was when i broke the cap off

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Eh... That's interesting... It couldn't be sugar. There'd be no way to get it in. Unless the Vindictive One had an access to your key... An inside job maybe? Either that, or he/she was able to take the cap off and put it back on before you even knew about it.

Because there is NO way you could have ridden the moped for a long time without a problem if the sugar has been in there all along.

It is very likely that assuming it's sugar- that it JUST happened before that day you first took it out & experienced a problem.

Other than that, maybe it is rust coming from the tank? There is a way you can blast off the rust or sugar or stuff in the gas tank..

1)Fill the tank with water.

2)Take a piece of steel- can be rebar or a metal pole or pipe that is long enough to stick out of the gas tank when it is in all the way. Tape up the bottom of the pole to insulate it. Do a good job. Then stick the taped up end back inside.

3)Place a funnel in the neck of the gas tank and put the metal pole in the middle. (This will seperate the metal pole from touching the metal of the frame or gas tank. This is IMPORTANT!)

4)Get a 10 amp battery charger (or a regular plug running at 120 volts will do. Connect the negative wire to the metal part of the gas tank, and the positive to the pole.

5)Add salt to the gas tank until the current goes up to 10 amps and wait about 2 minutes. Then unplug the electrical source and check. If it hasn't removed everything, plug it back in for 2 more minutes.

6) Shake out the junk and make sure ALL the water is out. Spray wd40 all over the inside of the tank to protect it. Then put gas in immediately.

This will only work with metal gas tanks. I've never done it myself with a moped gas tank. I don't know how it would affect the paint job.

But I used to collect OLD Roman coins dug right out of the ground. I'd use this system to blast 1,000 years of dirt and rust off the coin and it works great! (The coins didn't have paint on them... So I have no idea how it'd do to the paint job on the outside. You probably should test this on a parts tank.


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im not 100% sure its sugar but it was crystalized like it and nobody else has a key to the cap so thats not it either. another thing i tore my motor apart last night and noticed that the side of the piston looked burned not the normal stuff on the top but this was on the side

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