electrical problems

the electrics on the moped are a little temperamental at the moment. the battery is new but the moped is old. it is a yamaha ca50 salient 1983.

the headlight is not working, but was, so i think this is the bulb. but the real problem is the front left indicator light work very well, very bright, the back don't work at all, and i have replace the bulb so i know that it isn't just a blown bulb. the right indicators work but are not so bright. when i use the brake, the brake light comes on, but if i am using the indicators at the same time as i am braking, the indicators go very very dim.

any ideas?

thanks in advance

Re: electrical problems

check for corrosion inside wire connections and switches .. check for loose ground connections.. Or sometimes a wire gets pinched and it's insulation gets cut and it's touching something it shouldn't.

Assuming that headlight and it's wires are not involved, everything else is working ... but current is being drained away by a bad connection of some sort, so some lights are dim.

Re: electrical problems

James Foster /

I had that same turn signal problem before on my Honda NC50. The front one was bright, but the rear on the same side was off. Basically I have a loose connection back there because when I twist the turn signal slightly, it'll work. So it might be as simple as a loose or unplugged connection. Try looking around the turn signal area, wiggle it a bit(don't break it), and check the connections going to and from the turn signal.


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