vespa SI parts

Justin Brownell /

Are vespa SI parts hard to find?

I've been offered one needs new wiring. I was wondering if I should consider it. thanks


Re: vespa SI parts

The wiring is all there, it just needs to be connected in the right order. I have the diagram, but haven't had the time. (I don't know if you replied to my e-mail, I can't check it from work, which is where I'm at right now and I don't have internet at home.) I'll check it tonight.

Re: vespa SI parts

All Vespas all use the same engine, carb and pretty much everything else is interchangable. The only exception is slightly different wheels.

Re: vespa SI parts

and suspention and sometimes triple trees in the front or a single mast.

hey where is this SI located ne way?'

Re: vespa SI parts

In my shop.

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