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J3esse Rod2riguez /

On my Garelli Moped on the wheel that has the magnets on it which is attached to the same shaft that the clutch has a notch on the wheel where it can be set in time with the shaft which should have the Key that sets the time. (kinda like on a car with the crankshaft and the balancer)

anyways...the shaft on the moped only has the groove where the key should be and it seems to be missing. does anyone know where I can aquire one of these keys to set the timing correctly on the motor. Thanks.

Re: Garelli Questions

Any small engine repair shop should be able to match it up. Take it in to them and let them have a look. don-ohio

Re: Garelli Questions

Leon Swarmer /



The wheel with the magnets is the flywheel.

The piece you are after is called a woodruff key.


Re: Garelli Questions

and the shaft IS the crankshaft-

if you go to a good hardware store (a local one, not a home depot) they should have a selection of woodruff keys for you to match up yourself as well. sometimes they take a little work if they don't have the right size. i know my shop doesn't carry the right size for my vespa and i have to file them down to fit.

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