tune up and transmission

like can i give my moped a tune up??? because if i take it to the moped shop its gonna cost me 60 bucks And how do you rebild a transmission

Re: tune up and transmission

You might be better off to pay the 60 bucks(get a shop manual if you don't have one already). Take your time and learn the basics about replacing points and condensor and setting timimng, cleaning out the carbon from the muffler and head,etc.

Go to articles here and find `Fred's Guide' on `How to fix your moped'. don-ohio (:^)

Re: tune up and transmission

I've rebuilt a few tomos trannies. I'm not gonna say it wasn't much trouble, cause it took me a while. but after I got the hang of it I was fine.

Re: tune up and transmission

Yep, my first tranny I took apart, grenaded while goin down a hill. But, I'm on #2, and so far, no weird sounds, or any of that. Just pay attention to shims, they are very important.

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