Q's about Garelli

I am restoring a 198? garelli super sport and had a few questions...

Are garelli rims interchangeable with other brands?

How the hell do I get assembly for the brake and clutch off the left side of the handle bars? I tried everything and it wont budge.

One last question, what is the best thing to remove rust? I have a few spots on the frame that are starting to rust and I want to remove it asap.

Re: Q's about Garelli

Cole Todorovich /

i don't know about the rims. but my brake and clutch just had a screw you had to loosen under the headlight switch. you have to take the grip off first. the best way for that if you wanna use it again is to shoot compressed air under the grip and pull or use a scrediver and wd 40.


Re: Q's about Garelli

Jason Luther /

compressed air. great idea!

Re: Q's about Garelli

I already removed the grip, and as far as I can tell there is no screws into the bars or anything like that... The only screws I see are the ones holding the panel for the head light and the one that holds the brake cable (also removed...)

I am at a loss. I am 2 seconds away from cutting the damn thing off. I never did like the head light switch up on the handle bars anyways.

I bought the moped about a month ago and the handle bars were all rusted and crappy looking. The frame and tank have small rust spots I am still trying to get rid off. I got some new 'ape hanger' style bars from a local bike shop and threw them on there yesterday...

Re: Q's about Garelli

See Ya Moped Army /

There's an allen head bolt/screw that tightens that assy to the handlebars. If the head of the bolt is rusted badly, you could always drill it out.

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