coil for minarelli

I need help Bad. I need to find parts for my minarelli and cant anywhere. Is there any other type of coil i can use for this engine or does anyone have a coil for sale pretty cheap. I don't want to dump alot of cash into this untill i find out if it runs at all..Thanks for all your help.


Re: coil for minarelli

have you tried

Re: coil for minarelli

Jason Luther /

are you sure the coil is bad? they rarely go bad. any coil will work so you can at least start the problem soving process.

Re: coil for minarelli

Don Pflueger /

jasons right. no sense in buying a $60 coil if its not bad. usually dirty or misadjusted points is the problem, or a bad condensor. the only time coils really go bad is when they are broken open, or have had excessive voltage applied to them. there are two types of coils. single terminals which ground thru the frame. and double terminals which ground thru a negative lead wire. there is a minerelli service manual at in the repair area which will help you to test the individual parts to see whats bad or not.

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