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Howdy all,

The brakes on my FA 50 do not stop me like they should. I am a bit heavy (220) for my ped so I suppose that is an issue. I have tried adjusting all the knobs the service manual refers too and I've looked at the brake gauges but they look okay. I guess I feel ready to try tackling taking things apart and eye balling the brake shoes, etc. I've never tried anything like this. Are brakes fairly simple to deal with? Do I need certain tools? Once everything is taken apart are there things I should look for? Now that you know I am totally inexperienced should I go for it? So many of you seem to be teens who have had tons of experience you give me hope that I can learn.

Your help is appreciated.


Re: Brake job on Suzuki FA 50

Try the front first. Easier than the rear and they say the front does most of the work anyway. If you put in new shoes, be sure to bevel the front and rear edges of the friction material. It makes them perform better. Also, a little texture to the drum surface will make the shoes grab better. Some people have the drums bead or sandblasted to not only clean them up, but add that little bit of gripping surface. And finally, make sure all dust and oil is gone when you reassemble.

Re: Brake job on Suzuki FA 50

brakes are easy.. and if you're any smarter than a brake shoe it will be no problem. You shouldn't have to disassemble anything. Remove the wheel and the brake assembly usually slides off without further disassembly..

Just keep track of wheel attachment nuts and any spacers or washers when you take the wheel off. Also the cables and their position or method of attachment.

Just a light sanding of the drum and pads on the shoes will remove any slippery hard glaze that might have built up. Keep everything clean while working and finally spray everything off with Brake Kleen to make sure the drums and shoes are oil free when reassembled.

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Hey if you want a Service manual, i always can make a copy for you...bye

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