Puch Cylinders

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two puch cylinders? The book list an aluminum-chrome cylinder and a High Torque cylinder. Are they both aluminum chrome or is the high torque have cast iron composition. I believe my 1978 Puch has the High Torque but I am not sure.

Re: Puch Cylinders

Ben Van Zoest /

Mine HT 2hp has what looks like cast iron.

Re: Puch Cylinders

I was told to count the side fins on the cylinder head: 7 fins was the stock cylinder, 8 fins the hi torque, 9 fins the Magnum head. Is that correct or too simplistic? Anyone know?

Re: Puch Cylinders

different porting .....one is the 2hp motor. one is the 1.5 and 1.0 hp motors

also, on the 2hp motor the piston skirts are alittle shorter , a couple of mm*s.....more radical port timing so more hp

just my 2 cents

Re: Puch Cylinders

Tony Daniel /

Thanks all for the info. I had a feeling the porting was different.

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