tuff turn

I have my m56 engine of my ped right now to clean it up and tune it up. The engine has alot of miles on it. The part that the chains goes on on the engine turns. but it turns as hard as lets say opening a plastic pop bottle. The part the piston is on moves very freely and smoothly. The sprocket part is kinda tuff to turn. So my quesion is should it turn easy or should there be some resistance

Re: tuff turn

you should try to pedal it...

sometime it can be really easier to pedal...

if it pedals allright... with a little resistance, it should be okay


Re: tuff turn

Jason Luther /

cold weather will really make a difference too, since the trans oil gets thicker.

Re: tuff turn

You are reversing the mechanical advantage theory. If you try to turn the output shaft of the gearbox you have to apply as much extra torque as the gearbox ratio is.

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