Ducati S48 or falcon?

I have a fully restored Ducati S48 or I think in the US it's a Falcon?. The bike only is missing a piston it's a 38mm . the motor is a three speed , 4.2 bhp unit made in 1964 can anyone help me with my searce for a piston?

Also any info on this bike would be very useful, if you know of interchangeable parts please tell me about them.

This is a great looking bike and it would be truly wonderful to have it going. Thanks for looking at this notice.

Best regards Mike Hele. UK

Re: Ducati S48 or falcon?

Kevin Ibbetson /

Hi Mike, just finished a Duc resto myself but of a 250 bevel drive single. I got a lot of help from a fellow in Toronto who deals mostly with 250 ducs but has an amazing collection and is worth a try. I'll try to find his address, send me a pic of your bike if you can. Kevin

Re: Ducati S48 or falcon?

I think a TON of mopeds use 38mm pistons.

Re: Ducati S48 or falcon?

John Joedicke /

Look on the mopedjunkyard. You can check out piston sizes there.

Re: Ducati S48 or falcon?

Kevin Ibbetson /

Mike, try Henry Hogbin, 519-582-2153 or fax 519-582-1345. He lives in Ontario Canada

Re: Ducati S48 or falcon?

Rinus Van Andel /

you look on de Url


I think you find anyone on that site.

he has for all mopeds pistons

good luck

regards; Rinus

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