Motobecane gaskets

I just bought a 1977 Motobecane Mobylette 50 and I am pretty sure my carburetor is leaking. Is there any place out there that sells gaskets for these? I am also in the market for an air filter any suggestions? thanks..

Re: Motobecane gaskets

Carbs leak in different ways. It could be a gasket or it could be the float needle is not seating and the carb is leaking out the vent. Loose screws can do it too. Fuel lines leak where they attach. So, first find exactly where the leak is..

If you need a paper gasket, autoparts stores sell the material and you can cut your own with an Xacto knife.. O-rings are not so easy to find or make but there are kits to make your own.. i never tried it.

No doubt someone else knows where to get parts for your bike.

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