1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

Ok so im have problem getting a spark.

this is what i did:soldered the wire from the sparking coil to the condensor and then to the points. I was getting a very very faint spark for some reason now its not sparking.I disconnected the lighting coil from the harness(the red wire coming out of the lighting coil).

Im still getting no spark.

I got the consensor from another bike that i picked up and it was doing the same thing i wired it exactlly the same to my bike .IM STUCK!!!!!!!!!!

What is the BTC specs on the engine timing??

I cant figure out where the line on the flywheel is suppose to match on the castings. will this affects its ablility to spark???

Thanx for your help

Ive been on this thing for 4 days now.


P.S in the pic iswhere the condensor is suppose to be


Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

ok i check the ped with a volt meter its jumping off the scale at 15volts.

you know when you check wires for breaks and testing for complete circuts. i used that setting and when you touch the 2 probes together the indicator goes all the way right,

when i put the probe ot the sparkplug gap and the point it only goes half way.

Im lost someone please help.

Thanx rich

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

sorry spak plug cap

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

You are checking "continuity" or ohms.. half way on some scale means nothing unless you say what scale it is.. An ohm meter has many scales and you set the dial to one of them and read the appropriate scale on the dial.

I have been thinking about your posts and so far i can't recommend anything. You gotta be more careful and more systematic if you expect someone to understand what's going on. Soldering wires? Why would you do that?

Explain exactly what the problem is and what you did to diagnose it.. Don't be in a hurry.

Start off by saying when the problem started and give some history of the bike and what work you have done on it in the past.

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

okey. this is how it goes

things that i have done to the bike.

1-check when first purchased if bike had spark-no spark-

removed flywheel and found the condensor was mutilated-wiremissing and foil paper could be seen.

2- transfered a condensor from a nother peugot 103 that had slight spark- hooked it into my bike and had a small small faint spark-now it has nothing-

3 wried it again the same way i had it before

from spark coil to condensor to point.

thats all i did

can u understand if need be ill take a pick of it

thanx for your honesty

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

okey i figured out the ohm meter i am getting 4ohms between the spark plug cap and the point is this alot?

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Sounds like the condensor exploded.. It's very likely there is more damage elsewhere in that circuit, like in the ignition coil or in the magneto windings.. And there's a reason the condensor popped.. That could be anything but i'm thinking a shorted wire or a blown voltage regulator (if there is one). The weak spark you used to get but get no more might indicate that something in the circuit is now totally fried.

I would resign myself to doing a very thorough check of all the individual ignition components as well as the wiring harness, switches, fuses etc... This aint gonna be easy or quick. Hopefully you'll get lucky and find the source of the problem (and i don't think its the condensor.. I think that just died in the crossfire)

I know nothing about your bike so i can't be specific about any of it. Start with a wiring diagram so you can trace and examine the circuit and examine the individual components as best you can.. To prevent destroying replacement components, inspect the bike for wiring damage FIRST.. then replace components with known good ones and test for spark again.

Condensors should show no physical damage.. After removing it from the circuit, a continuity check will show zero ohms between it's wire and the metal can.

A ignition coil will have some measure of resistance.. probably a few ohms in the coils. (this doesn;t mean the coil is perfect.. only that it' not totally gone.)

The wire coils in the magneto should show no continuity between them and the frame. The coils of wire will show some continuity beween the wire ends but, like the ignition coil, that doesn't guarantee they are perfect.

None of the "hot" wires on the bike should show continuity to the engine block.

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Well when I got my peogoet, it wasn't running, and i tried for days to get it to spark. It's really weird, no matter how fast you crank it over with your hand, it will never spark, you have to get on it and peddle like a motherfucker, and then it runs fine! Maybe that will help

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

hey joew i took the advice thanx man.found a problem with the coil wire working on that. gonna check it all.

Hey will how did you set up your timing?

with what marks?

whats the BTC?

dude how strong is your spark??

Thanx guys really appricate taking the time to help out a fellow mopeter

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

cool.. be nice if all it needs is a simple repair.

There's gotta be a mark on the casting. Move the piston to top dead center and it's gotta be right there next to the line on the flywheel.

There's usually at least two marks on the perimeter edge of a flywheel.. One is TDC (a line) and one next to it will be factory timing setting... that one might be a V or a T or some symbol..

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

yea man thats like my dirt bike this for some reason doesnt have any .

Now when i put the bike to TDC sould the point be fully open?

im thinking the point should open before TDC like 30 thousands of an INCH. Im guessing this to find some like nick of the casting and thiers jackshit.

THanx Rich

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

There's got to be a mark of _some_ sort on both the engine block and flywheel that line up at TDC. If the factory didnt (??)put a mark or the mark was removed, you need to put another one.

To accurately put a new mark you'll need a dial indicator stuck into the plug's hole to 'feel' when the piston is exactly at top dead center.

When the points barely begin to crack open the sparkplug sparks. You can put a piece of ZigZag .. cigarette paper.. between the points and it will slip out without tearing when the points begin to open. But the prefferred way to check ignition timing is with a timing light or a 'buzz box'...makes a different noise when the points begin to open.

Another way is with that dial indicator IF you know how far , in millimeters, the piston should be before TDC when ignition should occur.

Go here and start reading at "The IGNITION" a little ways down the page .. it explains how it works and how to set timing.


Here's another page with magneto point gap and timing info that might be useful.


It's a hell of a lot easier and more fun to fix and play with these bikes when you know what's going on.

Re: 1971 peougot 103v HELP!!!!

Richard Wisniewski /

i use the dial indicator i just dont know where my point is suppose to open in relation to the TDC

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