Sprocket Problems

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Hey, I brought my moped to college with me so I could save alittle on gas. Some people thought it would be fun to try and break a moped. There was not much damage but they bent my Sproket so now i can not pedal it. I tried to straighten it my self and I got it the best i could but it the idlear sproket in the rear is made of plastic and when pedaling it, the chain chewed it up since it was not perfectly stright so not It keeps throwing the chain. Any ideas how to fix this, Thanks

The moped is a 79 Vespa Grande Delux

Re: Sprocket Problems

you already know what needs to be done.. the sprockets and chain has to be lined up straight. Keep bending it 'till the thing runs true.. or have some mechanic with lots of tools look at it.

Lots of bikes have little plastic tension/idler sprockets in the rear.. it's a crappy, weak design for pedaling heavy bikes. Unless the front sprocket and chain tension are perfect they're hard to pedal or the chain jams or slips off and stuff will get chewed up fast.

Sprockets and chain and idler are all bicycle stuff.. Other than finding the replacement moped parts you might be able to improvise with pieces of a scrap bicycle.. Try the local bike shop and talk to a repair guy.. A thrift store probably has entire bikes for under $20 or so.. Idlers appear to be the same as those on some 10-speed deraileur.

Re: Sprocket Problems

now you know not to bring a moped near any college or school

next time set up a shocking system

Re: Sprocket Problems

Ebay...but, the parts have a welded pedal, but you still maybe able to use it...


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