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My friend has a kinetic moped. (Not USA version). He ordered it a year before the USA came out. Anyway it has the polini kit on it and the polini pipe from This is the problem. It is almost two or three years old and it runs like crap. I have tried to clean everything but nothing seems to work. As it gets older more and more parts seem to fall off of it. The bike back fires like crazy and I need help. What causes back fire and how can I fix it. It will run okay when you start off but once you get going and wind it out the back firing makes it go massively slow. So my friend has to go half throttle everywhere. Please help.

Re: kinetic moped

Chris Sorensen /

sounds like four-stroking, no?

Re: kinetic moped

maybe 4-stroking.. people use the expression 'backfire' to mean differnt things.

But if parts are falling off it's hard to say what's up. I'd suspect there are loose nuts and bolts all over the place.. If everything's tight maybe someone took a grinder to the ports and experimented a little.

cleaning everything up is unlikley to fix this.

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