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Something in my twist throttle keeps freezing in the cold making it impossible to go anywhere. If I quickly heat up the lever with a hair drier it works until I start riding and then the whole thing freezes again. Unfortunately it seems to do this when the throttle is open so all I can do is turn the key off to stop.

What do you guys do to keep moisture out of there? Is there a "sealed" throttle I can buy?

Re: throttle keeps freezing

How old is you bike? It's probably just worn. Mine works much better with a new one.

Re: throttle keeps freezing

It is only 3 months old. The problem isn't really the lever, it's the water that splashes up in there and then freezes over night. In the morning when I go to class it is frozen through and the only way to get it working like normal is to bring it inside for long enough for the water to evaporate. BTW its 5 degrees out right now.

Re: throttle keeps freezing

James Foster /

My advice would be to put a tarp or cover over the front of the bike to maybe keep some of it from freezing too much overnight. Also put some WD-40 (or the like) inside the throttle grip area, just to make sure moisture doesn't stay on the grip. WD-40 displaces moisture, therefore it might make it less likely to freeze up. Although, since I live in Texas, I don't know what 5 degree weather does to mopeds, so you might have to improvise a bit.

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Re: throttle keeps freezing

Hi, or just tie a small plastic bag over the throttle. You may be able to keep it on there while you are riding in bad weather to keep the water out.

Re: throttle keeps freezing

You have what is called "moped cruise control." You are one of the few with that luxury. lol. I'd try to get it unfrozen, the use WD-40 on the cable and the twist part. It'll keep out the moisture, and lubricate the whole assy.

Re: throttle keeps freezing

Thanks for the ideas. Yeah I do cover it up every night, but it rained when I went to class yesterday so water got in the throttle. When the temperature droppped overnight my moped was covered, but the water inside the throttle froze.

I'm thinking of fabricating a loop from a plastic bag and keeping it down with 2 rubber bands (one on the throttle, one on the handlebar). I hope this works. I'm also trying to figure out a way to keep water off the throttle body on the carb (maybe more plastic bags).

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