Piston tool

What tool do I need to put a new piston in? What is called and were can I get one and about how much are they.


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See Ya Moped Army /

I don't use any special tool to install a piston. I just compress the rings with my fingers.

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Richard Wisniewski /

its a piston ring compressor, its like a short towel paper roll with a rachet to one side , rachet it together makes it smaller compressing the rings and then you just slide the piston down into the cylinder. USE LOTS AND LOTS OF OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everywhere the piston and rings are going to touch


parts source?

canadian tire?

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John Joedicke /

Use a zip ty on the piston to hold ring in and slide it down for the next. Then cut off. Done..

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Here's a dodge I have used in the past:

Cut the top and bottom out of a beer can (your choice on brand) slice the can lengthwise and wrap around the piston rings just above the rings then wrap the whole thing with wire to hold the rings in compression in the bottom of the ring groves.

Install the piston from the bottom side. hold the piston up to the cylinder and bump it in with a hammer handle. Install one wrist pin circlip. Stick the wristpin into the other side of the piston. Position the rod at top dead center. Place cylinder base gasket (if used) on the cylinder. Stuff a clean rag into the crankcase opening. Push the wrist pin thru the small end of the rod until it hits the circlip on the other side (make sure piston is installed correctly), install last circlip.

Good luck

Re: Piston tool

Richard Wisniewski /

thats a bad idea fox

Re: Piston tool

Or you could just use a hose clamp.

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Jason Luther /

are some engines harder than other while putting the cylinder on? ive torn apart all tree of my motors dozens of times and they just slipped right back on while compressing the rings with my fingers.

Re: Piston tool

It's not easy and some are harder .. The hard part is holding the ring closed while holding the cylinder and at the same time slipping the piston into the cylinder. If you accidentally turn the piston a little and the ring expands slightly and a ring's end catches in a port or on some sharp edge.. and you push.. and you got a snapped ring.

Use some sort of a band around the ring so you can concentrate on the other stuff.

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