I'm rebuilding a moped I found, after I took the shocks off the fork, that one of the fork tubes was slightly bent and a few degrees off from the other fork right below the bottom triple mount. Must have gotten hit or something. Should I try to fix this, not worry about it or should I try to find a replacement?

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Axial twisting is pretty normal since the only thing that keeps a fork in line is it's connection to the spring. The fork ends almost always turn a little when you disconnect them from the wheel.

I would be concerned about a bent tube if it was bent enough to cause wear on other components... or if it forced the front and rear tires to track different paths.

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Pat Mycrotch /

Uh, I'm not sure. Like, I take everything off the shocks except the bottom triple mount and lay it on the floor. The Triple mount lays flat and the staight tube touches the floor at the end, but the end of the bent tube is 1-2 cm off the floor. Does this sound like nothin to worry about? If you said it might be, I'm just gonna take it into Handy Bikes and ask them if it's too screwed up in person. It's a pretty unique and cool looking fork so I'm not gonna try to mess it up by bending hollow, round metal myself.

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1 or 2cm is lot. Does the wheel's rim have a big dent? Is anything else tweaked?

Steering is kinda important so if a good replacement part is available or if a pro can examine that one first hand, it does sound like a good plan...

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