Flywheel puller


I own a puch maxi 2, and i just purchased a bosch double sided flywheel puller from mwh. I have no idea how to use it...

Anyone else know how to use a flywheel puller?

Re: Flywheel puller

Allen Murphy /

Step 1 - Remove nut holding the flywheel onto the crankshaft.

Step 2 - Remove the center bolt from the flywheel puller, and determine which of the ends threads into your flywheel.

Step 3 - Thread the flywhel puller into the flywheel SNUGLY-not TIGHTLY-and install the bolt that came with the puller to the threaded hole in the center of the puller

Step 4 - While holding the puller body still with a wrench, tighten the puller bolt in the center of the puller.

Step - 5 - Realize when the flywheel pops off that it took longer to read this than to pull your flywhel!

Al Murphy

Re: Flywheel puller

Monty Jardine /

thanks :p

that nut seems hard to take off. Turning that seems to turn the entire crank shaft. Are you sure that comes off?

Re: Flywheel puller

most times there is an additional special tool to stop the crank from turning.. special tools up the ying-yang..

Try this.. put a length of rope into the spark plug hole and turn the nut till the piston is jammed against the rope at the top of the cylinder.. (Don't let the rope's end go into the exhaust port)

Brought to you by courtesy of donp..

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