Key/Lock replacement on Ciao

I have a 78 Ciao Deluxe, Super Deluxe or something like that. It has turn signals and suspension in the front. In any case, I have a replacement brass lock for the front fork lock. (I think that is what it is for) How can I replace it? Also, has anyone compared the Vespa repair guide to the Hayes manual? Any preference, is one better than the other?



Re: Key/Lock replacement on Ciao

Hi John, for the manual go to the top of this page. Click on the RESOURCES then LINKS. Now click on the COMMUNITY SITES and scroll down to MOPED RIDERS ASSOCIATION. Now click on the MOPED REPAIR section, scroll down and in the OWNERS AND REPAIR MANUALS look for VESPA PIAGGIO SERVICE MANUAL. They have the Ciao in there and you can judge for yourself if a Haynes manual is as good or better. Sorry, I can't help with the lock!

Re: Key/Lock replacement on Ciao

(I was just there looking at the variator on my Bravo)

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