minarelli electric problems

Can someone tell me if it is possible to run the minarelli v1 with no electric stuff happening? i want to ditch all the lights and horn and replace it with a battery, and was told that I can simply solder the ground wire to the frame, with a kill switch in between, and it will run... but I am skeptical... anyone have any advice or ideas?

Re: minarelli electric problems

You have to have the one coil inside the mag to produce ignition voltage. That's what runs your hi-voltage external coil and gets power to your condensor and points.

The kill switch wire is an extra wire coming off the lead which goes to your external ignition coil. As long as it isn't grounded, the bike will run(unless there is a problem with a bad brake or taillight bulb). don-ohio

Re: minarelli electric problems

Don Pflueger /

yes it can be done.

Re: minarelli electric problems

there is usually a switch under the headlight to bypass a bad brake light . click it forward and the bike will run, just won't have a brake light

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