Puch Maxi Luxe 80'

I just purchased a Puch MaxiLuxe, when I bought it the owner started it up right away and showed me how it worked. I tried to start it for a while when I got it back home, I held the clutch, kicked the pedal down and revved the gas. I kept trying but I never could get it to work, after a while I think I flooded the engine, so I put it away until today. Today, I went out did the normal, fiddled with the choke and the clutch and the primer, the engine for a second right after I kick and makes a sound but never starts up. I've tried starting it in many different ways, biking and then trying to start it but with no luck. After a while of working on in just trying to get it started i noticed it was leaking fluid on the ground, the only place I saw where it was leaking was right near the gas switch. I am completely new to mopeds and I would love some advice on what to do and or what could be wrong, because it was transported in the back of a mini-van i doubt damage was caused during transport.

Re: the attached picture is of where i think it could be leaking.

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Re: Puch Maxi Luxe 80'

1. Is the gas on or off?

2. Is the kill switch on or off?

Re: Puch Maxi Luxe 80'

The gas was set as on, not even as reserve, and the kill switch was on start too, not on the off setting. I am thinking that it has to do with fuel pressure or something along those lines. could fuel pressure affect the ignition?

Re: Puch Maxi Luxe 80'

When you start a cold bike the engine requires a very 'rich' mixture.. (rich = lots of gasoline compared to the amount of air.) Starting mix air:fuel ratio is about 3 parts air to 1 part gas by weight.

So, to get this rich mix you close the choke (which restricts the amount of air intake) and attempt to fire the engine. If this first try fails for some reason, a lot of fuel has nonetheless been squirted into the engine. So you try again and fail. By this time fuel may have fouled the plug by wetting the electrodes with fuel and killing the spark plug's spark...

At this point it is wise to not add more fuel by trying again immediately. Instead, open the choke wide open and throttle just part way open. Lots of air will be allowed into the engine (but little fuel) evaporating some fuel thats all ready in the engine and on the plug. You might get lucky and it might start as the plug dries out.

Trying too hard and too often to start an engine that refuses to start could flood the cylinder and even put liquid fuel in the crankcase, magnifying the problem. Here the cure is to remove the plug (and clean it) and turn the engine over several times with the plug removed.. eventually any liquid gas in the engine will be expelled out the exhaust. Then insert the clean plug and restart normally.

Since the bike started and ran ok my guess is your engine is suffering a flooded condition.

There is no fuel pressure to speak of because there is no fuel pump. These carburetors are gravity fed. As long as the gas tank is above the carburetor (but not too far above and not below) the 'pressure' is OK.

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