Gaskets are stuck

how can I pull two pieces of my engine apart when they are stuck together by the gasket? Tapping with a hammer is out of a question because the metal is soft. Is there a special solution I can use or something? Thanks.

Re: Gaskets are stuck

Jason Luther /

what two parts? use a block of wood to tap against, or a rubber mallet. just dont go crazy.-jason

Re: Gaskets are stuck

it's wise to be careful .. there are probably alignmnent pins that force you to take a cover straight off. A manual might recommend points around the perimeter where screwdrivers or small prybars should be used to get it started..

To break the seal, carefully knock around the edge where you can with a light hammer and perhaps a flat screwdriver until something moves. Then pry evenly around the perimeter.

Unless some part of the gasket is not stuck on tight and you can get a razor blade under it and cut/peel it slowly, you will likely tear the gasket. Gasket material is available at auto parts stores. They have gasket removers too.. they probably dissolve common gasket adhesives but i never tried them. Might be worth a shot.

On reassembly, use adhesive on only one side of a gasket to make future removal easier. Adhesive is sometimes used oon both sides to stop a leak but it's the easy way out and you pay later.

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