E-ton Beamer junk

Long story im not going to tell....So i go over to this guys house to look at his e-ton beamer because it "wasn't working" but has under 300 miles on it. I pull off the air intake and put some carb cleaner on it and it starts up just fine. Riding around it won't let me pull past half throttle without bogging, probably because of no air filter or anything on it. I go back, put the air filter back on and low and behold, doesn't start. After doing some checking around, I test the spark plug and no shock at all! Tried testing the boot with a piece of steel, still no spark. So my assumption is that the generator is not working but how come it worked only a few minutes earlier?

Re: E-ton Beamer junk

i assume this is a fairly new bike.

you could blame the starting, bogging and intermittant no-run situation on an ignition problem. Maybe some bolt or screw has loosened and some ignition-related electrical contact is poor or has now failed completely.

Another possibility is some other bolts, like the head bolts or intake manifold are loosening.. air or vacuum leaks can do it.

Re: E-ton Beamer junk

It is a fairly new bike, newer then my 2005 lx anyway. (but not nearly as asshauling) The bogging yeah i can deal with that, but for now im wondering how the electrical system just randomly broke. I think it is a fuse...it was getting dark out so I had to quit working on it..man i hate that thing, all these stupid plastic covers with cheap square nut thingys...

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