Removing a motobecane cam without the cam puller

I checked my motobecane cady timing and it fires 3.5 mm before TDC, and this may be the cause of my lack of power problem.

Based on the forum posts I've searched, the only way to adjust the timing is to pull off the cam, adjust the timing and replace the cam in the new position.

I don't have the motobecane tool that's designed for removal of the cam. Has anyone out there found a way to remove it without this tool?

I have a "small engine" cam puller, but I'm not sure exactly where you're supposed to push and where you're supposed to pull without damaging anything.

Can someone who has got the tool explain to me where it pushes and where it pulls? See my pic attached. If you could draw arrows and repost, that would be great.

Does the cam come out with the long stem that it appears to be threaded onto?

I think that if I understood exactly what the removable cam piece looks like, I would have a better chance of rigging something up to do the job. The manual isn't much help.




Re: Removing a motobecane cam without the cam pull

Your cady has a different looking cam than my 50v. My puller tool would not work on your cam. If yours work at all like mine does, the cam should pull off the shaft completely. If you have a 3 arm puller, you may be able to make it work, I would just make sure that the spots the puller pulled on was not the the raised part of the cam that affects timming.

I once had to pull off a heavily modified cam with a three arm puller, and it worked just fine.

attached is a pic of a 50v cam and my puller. my cam shaft only sticks out a tiny bit further than the cam itself when installed. the cam puller screws directly onto the cam, then you twist the pullers top which pushes the cam free.


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