Vespa Ciao Fork removal

Well i got the rusted nut off the neck of the handelbars and the handelbar tierod screw from the top and i alos have the bearings loose. THe fork will move up and down freely in the neck but the handle bars are keeping it from coming out.

on the repai manual it just says slide them up and out, but mabye im missing somthing?

i tried wacking the handelbars with a hammer up down and sideways to mabye cracka rust bond, and i also let it sit for a bout a day w/ penetrating oil allover it.

help, i wan tot save these bent forks and restore my broken ped!

pic attached of neck unscrewed

there is nothign to take off on the bottom of the forks, everything is welded on, even tho it is hard to see the handelars fit inside the threaded tube in the pic...


Re: Vespa Ciao Fork removal

Re: Vespa Ciao Fork removal

I can't tell what sort of setup that bike has but if it is similar to a bicycle the handle bar tube must be removed before the fork can drop down and out .

on a bicycle, the handle bar tube has a wedge shaped "nut" at the bottom of it's long bolt .. When you tighten the long bolt the wedge is pulled upwards and jams the handle bar into the fork tube. These wedge things get immediately rusted into place.

Loosening the nut and tapping on it's top pushes the wedge down and loosens it's grip on the fork tube. Then the handle bar tube can be wiggled around and pulled up and out. Then the fork's nuts can be removed and the fork dropped down and out.

Re: Vespa Ciao Fork removal

cool, i was wondering what that bolt connected to...ive hammer that thing alot but mabye ill try using a spare bolt inside to knock that wedge down....and your correct, its just like a bike setup as far as i can see

Re: Vespa Ciao Fork removal

got em off..thats what it was...the little retention nut was rusted solid

unfortunatley i marred its threads while taking it off but i have a parts bike ill chop up to get to it

thanks for the advice now i just need to get the forks bent back into shape!

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