puch magnum won't start

Philip Malpass /

I bought a puch magnum for axmas present off ebay (should have known better!) and got it running ... for 60 seconds. Decided to clean it up (nc removing carb, renew cables , new plug, reset points , fix kick start - now refuses to go.

Great spark , carb seems ok with fuel through to float chamber though cannot tell if fuel is getting into pot. How do you check for this. Anything else that I could do? best for 2005

Re: puch magnum won't start

If it ran for 60 seconds that bike is probably ok and you found a new toy..

My wild guess is the carb is not clean enough. Get some Starter Fluid and spray a bit into the intake. If the engine does fire and runs for a moment, your fuel flow up the main jet passage is being restricted.

If might be a good idea to pull the head and examine the cylinder. While you're there ckeck for carbon build up around the exhaust and see what sort of shape the piston top and cylinder walls are in. (i once found some rocks inside the cylinder of a junkyard bike). Also pull the exhaust pipe and check for obstructions / carbon.

Re: puch magnum won't start

take the fuel line off the carb, and make sure your getting flow all the way down to it.

clean carb again(soak it, if you have to), try another new plug, even a new plug could be a defect.

Re: puch magnum won't start

wow if it has a kickstart like you mentioned you must have picked up a semi rare puch, either the magnum dirtbike or some other bike

Re: puch magnum won't start

i must see a pic of this

Re: puch magnum won't start

It is possible for the float needle tip to swell up while cleaning the carb. Remove the carb and the float bowl just unscrews from the body. Turn on the gas and let the float hang , there should be a steady stream of gas coming out. Don't forget the little banjo where the fuel line comes in. there is a little tiny screen the can become blocked by a hair or a piece of lint

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