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I just bought a 1982 Jawa Supreme 2 and am trying to get it started. Obviously I need spark, but I can't figure out how to engage the clutch on my Jawa. It's my understanding that I just need to pull the throttle halfway and pedal. On other mopeds I've ridden I pull a separate clutch lever. Does anyone know how I can tell if it's working?


Re: Starting a Jawa Supreme

I had a Jawa Supreme 2 and it didn't have a seperate clutch lever. You made sure it's turned on, right? Mine was giving me a lot of starting problems too, but it was stolen and I never found out what the problem was. Try riding it down a steep hill.

Re: Starting a Jawa Supreme

I have a Supreme 2 but I haven't even begun to work on it yet. I've been poking around for info. for mine.

I think the Supreme 2 is a model 207.395 but, the procedures should be the same.

This may help you out though.

You'll need Adobe acrobat reader for the .pdf files.


Re: Starting a Jawa Supreme

Every Jawa 'ped I've been on (1 speed like the Babetta or 2 speed like the 210) starts the same way. Either by pedaling or by coasting down a steep hill (to overcome the engine compression), the motion of the rear wheel, via the drive chain, makes starter clutches engage inside the engine. These turn the flywheel and hence the crankshaft. On my 1 speed the clutch shoes stopped engaging after a while. Something must have "frozen" inside (from rust, from whatever) that prevented them from moving out against their springs. I changed the engine (used engine) before I got around to fixing it.

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