Motobecane Coil

How do test the coil on a 1980 Motobecane 50V? The moped won't start:

Changed the spark plug

Check the points

thanks for your help!

Re: Motobecane Coil

See Ya Moped Army /

Make sure the taillight bulbs are there and not burned out or it will not start.

Re: Motobecane Coil

The moped will not spark? or just will not run?

If it will not spark also try this

Trim a half inch off the spark plug cable, and then make sure the piece that sticks into the coil is stuck well. There is a white wire conector near the engine that I think should be replaced with a terminal strip, cut and restrip all wires going there. inspect the kill switch on the left handle bar, these have a little spring, and bb's inside, and on more than one occation I have seen it get messed up, making the switch not work (horn always blowing, or moped always in not run mode)

Re: Motobecane Coil

this is what I mean by terminal strip cut it in pieces, one terminal strip can do 3 mopeds

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