moped- no spark- help

Steve Mccui /

I had a brand new 1980 puch 2 speed engine that I put on a 1978 kromag frame and I am not getting a spark.

I peddle the engine over and read a voltage on my meter before going to the coil. I have no idea what the value should be or whether it is ac or dc signal. I picked up a voltage with the meter on ac. I guess it could be possible the points are oxided and I am not getting what i should.

After the coil, I register no spock in the plug, the kill circuit seems fine. Do I assume it is the coil, do they fail often, is there a test to check the coil.

The coil on the bike kromag is a Bosch 0212960001, is this the correct coil for a 1980 puch 50 cc 2 speed? will any coil that looks the same work?

Where do I this or the correct coil.

sorry for the long question Thanks far any help Steve

Re: moped- no spark- help

Jason Luther /

coils rarely go bad. but with your ohmmeter (i forgot which post to check between, i think its the power in and the spark lead out) you should register about 8,000 ohms (i think). doesnt sound too convincing huh? any other coil will work also. search under this site, youll find the specific readings. start by checking your grounds though.-jason

Re: moped- no spark- help

The killswitch is not the only thing.. the ignition switch also 'kills' spark. On some bikes the tail light and/or horn must be properly wired and functioning to get a spark.

I recommend you bypass all that stuff and hook your coil wire directly to the condenser/points.

On my honda there is one small Black/W wire lead from the coil. It normally goes into the wiring harness and up to the handlebars (to the kill sw and ignition sw).

If i want to bypass that stuff and check for spark, i can connect that wire to a Black/Y wire coming out of the engine.

Find a wiring diagram to be positive about your wiring system but the technique should help isolate the problem.. My guess is you jsut have some wiring problems. The basic electrical components in the ignition rarely fail.

Re: moped- no spark- help

Re: moped- no spark- help

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