throttle twist grip for freespirit

i have a 78-79 freespirit and when i bought it the guy had striped the right handle. so now i need a twist grip throttle, the brake (which i believe is part of the throttle, and a kill switch. does anyone have any of these parts to sell or know where to get them. thanks for any help.

Re: throttle twist grip for freespirit

James Foster /

The link above might have the throttle and brake lever assembly you're looking for. As for the kill switch, go to <> and look under switches. He has an after-market CEV round stop switch that'll work just fine. I have one on my free spirit, and it works well, but you might have to solder the wires in place when you insert them into the switch. And there's this long red wire that is attached to it as well, but don't hook it up to anything. Just wrap some electrical tape around the exposed end, and coil the rest of the wire around the handle bar. Good luck Ryan. :)

Hope this helps,


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