Speedo repair

I have a peoguet 103 sp that I just got to run, and now I want the speedo to work. The problem is that the needle stays at 12:00 even when it's not running. Is this fixable, or even worth pulling apart to figure it out? It would be nice to have a working odometer too so I can log my miles.

Re: Speedo repair

worth it? Depends on how much time you have to waste on it.. damn speedos are hard to get apart. I suppose they don't want people messing with odometer readings.

If the needle is stuck in one position and that position is not zero-MPH, my guess is it has more than just one problem.. (like internal rust)

If there's no way to bend sheet metal and open it, i'd use a Dremel Moto Tool and cutoff wheels... probably around the base of the unit rather than near the dial. I would want it to open wide with just one cut.

Re: Speedo repair

You are lucky to even have a needle on this type moped! Most of them disintegrate in the sun after 20 plus years. THe speedo consists of the indicator as well as the odometer. Does the odometer work? I assume it doesnt. Lube the entire assembly from the sender down at the wheel to the gears inside the odometer and see if you can't coax it free.

Re: Speedo repair

I successfully opened up my Puch speedometer and repaired a bent needle. Mine wasn't moving because the needle warped and was touching the glass.

See the forum postings on th method for puch speedos:


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