sucks at 40degrees and colder

my 2000 targa lx runsd great at anything above 40 degrees but colder than that it has no power to it. its stock other than the bi-crapper pipe and 57 jet. i think im running a little to much oil in with the gas. what would u suggest to correct this

Re: sucks at 40degrees and colder

Describe what you mean by "no power to it".

Run it steady speed at this "no power" area and do a plug chop right there..

I think it's fuel mix. Adding 2-stroke oil leans the fuel/air mix. Cold air also leans the mix.

Re: sucks at 40degrees and colder

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Mix oil to specifications.If you have a manual choke, set it partially closed. If power/speed improves, you are running lean and must rejet.

Re: sucks at 40degrees and colder

MWHAHAHAHAHA!!! My A-3 bullett kicks ass in all weather Rain, sleet and snow. It has sweet traction in snow and is fun at night with the halogen light. I was ridin when it was 13F out and it was going mint. Oh and be wary of water in your gas you might lose a crank or bowl to water damage. If you do think you sucked some snow or water into your engine run it a good minute before shutting the bike off

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