minarelli wiring

Hey, i just bought a new tail light for my minarelli. I really need the wiring diagram for it. Alls i know is that it has a green ground wire on it. And it has two blue wires going into the right brake wire. And aslo, it is a minarelli v1 engine. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.

Re: minarelli wiring

Ben Van Zoest /

Does the ped start ok, sometimes one of these wires (run light) couple to the ignition. NO run light no start.

Re: minarelli wiring

Yeah, the moped runs great. I know what you're talking about. How the brake light needs to be a completed circuit in order for the bike to get spark, pretty much, alls i need is like a photo or digram of the wiring. thanks for your reply.

Re: minarelli wiring

Don Pflueger /

what you need to know is.....

what brand and model bike you have, not just the engine. every bike manufacturer uses their own wire diagram and color codes. and if you know what brand and model bike you have, then you could find a wire diagram for it at www.mopedriders.org in the moped repair section.

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