Headset bearing cups

Jerry Kaidor /


A few nights ago, my son ran his nice '79 Puch Maxi over a piece of wood. Son and Maxi went flying, and when all came to rest, the son was bruised up and so was the Maxi.

The front forks were bent just enough not to work anymore, and the front wheel was bent & wobbly. Also, the tail light cover had broken loose of its pod.

$120 later, we had a fresh front fork assembly. On attempting to install it, we found that the headset bearing cups, both top and bottom, were cracked. I tried to

silver braze them up, but am not happy with the results.

If I absolutely have to, I could make up a pair of new cups on my lathe, but I really don't want to.

Anybody have a pair of usable bearing cups? Or know of a source for same? A good front wheel rim would also be nice.

Thanks in advance,

- Jerry Kaidor

Re: Headset bearing cups

Don Pflueger /

www.ikesbikes.com or www.mopedwarehouse.com should be able to get them for you.

Re: Headset bearing cups

wow.. make 'em on a lathe? And i though i was a die-hard do-it-yourselfer... I gotta believe the bearing races must be hardened.. can't see turning them from common steel.

Re: Headset bearing cups

Jerry Kaidor /

wow.. make

Re: Headset bearing cups

Third World Repair = Standard Operating Procedure in the moped community as far as i can tell ;)

i've had a can of Kasenit on the shelf since forever but never used it. And I have a book on hardening/tempering and went as far as building a little oven, but have yet to actually heat treat something and get the results i aimed at... probably because i used scraps of unknown stuff.

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