Maxi card rebuild kit

Can anyone suggest a place to buy a rebuild kit for a Maxi carb? My float gasket is shot – might as well replace as much as I can.

Also, the carb for this bike (Maxi sport, 1-speed) has a size 54 main jet. Does that sound

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

If you think the float gasket is shot then u do need a new carb but it also sounds like you need to up the jet, maybe to a 64 or something, as for the spark plug problem... you might be running a too rich.

make sure your oil-gas ratio is correct

get a carb with a size 64 main jet, that's stock for Maxi's

*check out mopedwarehouse for a brand new Puch carb 15mm $70USD

Install it yourself 'cause it's a piece of cake!

If you had previous problems with running too rich you might want to check your intake, exhaust, and muffler for carbon buildup. There's an excellent guide somewhere is this site giving you detailed instructions on how to decarbonize your system but i've misplaced the link :(

Hopefully donp will get a handle on your problem and help you out bettern me, he's great. If i've made an errors here ppl feel free to correct. Good luck Dave

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Fouled plug can be caused by a float level that's not adjusted properly (too high).

Another thing might be the spark plug gap (too small) .

Another possibility is the plug is the wrong heat range (too cold). Another thing is the fuel/oil ratio (too much oil).

Another thing is a weak spark due to ignition system problems...

probably more stuff i can't think of at the moment.

I recommend you tune the bike up and then do plug chops before thinking about jets.

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Why would I need to replace the carb for a faulty float bowl gasket (just wondering)? Moped Junkyard sells them individually for the Bing carb. I also suspect that the float itself may be leaking (i.e., not floating) and/or that the float needle is worn, so I'd like to find a complete rebuild kit (fuel leaks out of the carb). The bike has at least 6000 miles.

I don't want to fiddle with jets until I cure the leaks...


Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

yeah buying a new carb wont solve anything, and 64 isnt stock for all puchs/maxi,

get new gaskets/float, and then properly jet your carb and run plug chops, also make sure your plug is gapped at a working space, i wouldnt worry about 54 being the right jet, the right jet is whatever jet allows the bike to run fine

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

I found this when doing my weekly puch search on ebay. I think it would be perfect and would also give you some spare parts as well.


Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Hey Chris,

Ordered two of those yesterday (the seller also sells them outright for $15) - should do the trick.


Re: Maxi card rebuild kit


Has anyone else purchased anything from this ebay seller? I ordered two on 12-23, paid for them via paypal and have receiving nothing. Seller won't answer email. Looks like I got screwed...

Can anyone suggest another source for Maxi carb rebuild kits?

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Re: Maxi card rebuild kit

Ugh.. Ikes bikes bought five kits from the same seller. Don't see them on mopedwarehouse (customer service also seems to be hit or miss there).

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